Note: if you got more ideas for materials\topics, write them in the comments.

Need to add materials to the following topics:

  1. Persistency
  2. Windows Credentials (add all the NTLM\Kerberos\mimikatz\DPAPI stuff)
  3. Technical Summaries of reports&articles
  4. Remote administration tools
  5. Other Tools

Need to add the following new topics:

  1. Forensics steps to discover malware
  2. Firmware, bios, nic, etc,  info and attacks
  3. Advanced Tricks&Techniques
  4. Android
  5. Iphone\Mac IOS
  6. Routers, switchs

You are welcome to contribute to this database and add content in the comments of the different topics and I will add your content to the topics.

By the way, if you enjoy the content then let me know by doing a “like” to a topic or commenting or anything. It will give me motivation to add more content and it will let me know which topics are more popular.


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